CultureWizard: Online Intercultural Training Tools and Courses

RW3 CultureWizard’s online cultural training tools are designed to create cultural awareness of the importance of culture, everyday business life and illustrate the profound impact that culture has on people’s values, beliefs and behavior. They also define, through the use of our cultural model, readily recognizable behaviors that are an indication of deeply held cultural values. As a result, users of the program understand, appreciate and are able to adjust to the cultural signals they’re given.

Culture Calculator

Graphically compare your own personal preferences with those of your home country and over 150 other cultures to see where you might face intercultural challenges. In-depth comparisons teach how to communicate and work effectively across cultures.

Country Profiles

Culturally focused in-depth information on over 150 countries. Easy-to-access, practical information is available on business and social interactions as well as insights into underlying cultural values. Learn how to conduct business, interact socially, and avoid faux pas.

WorkingWith Series

WorkingWith programs are unique, country-specific interactive courses that prepare you to be immediately effective when working with colleagues and customers from another culture. Used as standalone learning tools or integrated with other CultureWizard tools, they provide you with actionable, practical information and skills.

CultureWizard Mobile

Where’s the first place you go for information? Your smart phone! And now you can help employees build critical business skills for over 150 countries right on their company phones. The new CultureWizard Mobile enterprise app is the only mobile resource offering this valuable learning to your entire organization.

Cultural Awareness Training Tool

A complete, interactive course that teaches what culture is, where it comes from, and how to successfully navigate today’s global business environment. This 60-minute course uses the ICAM© Model. Learn the 8 Cultural Dimensions of readily recognizable behavior.

Global Leadership Development Tool

This helps you identify strengths and abilities in working with and managing people from other cultures, enabling you to examine your readiness for global leadership and the areas in which you need to develop yourself.

Global Teams Tool

Create your personal cultural profile and compare your own cultural values with those of team members from up to five other countries. The tool contains valuable, actionable information on how to work effectively on multicultural teams.


This collaborative tool allows you and colleagues to compare both the personal cultural preferences and national cultural values represented on your specific team and gives targeted suggestions for enhancing the communication and effectiveness of global virtual teams.


(Self-Assessment for Global Endeavors)

This tool for international assignees and SAGE for Spouses is a validated online candidate assessment used by people for almost a decade. It allows both assignees and spouse/ partners to identify strengths and areas of challenge that may confront them on an international assignment.

Community and Social Networking

Discussion boards, Wiki, Culture Coach and other community facilities allow you to capture institutional wisdom and gain mutual support in a variety of ways.

CultureWizard Digest and Blog

This compendium of current news items and commentary provides unique cultural insight into daily business and global affairs.

Adjustment Cycle Wizard

This addresses the phenomenon known as “culture shock” which impacts almost all expatriates. The tool identifies the stages of adjustment and provides recommendations for how to manage the experiences encountered from expatriation through repatriation.

Virtual Teams Tool

The unique challenges of working virtually require different strategies and tactics. Learn to adapt personal style to the cultural hurdles encountered in a virtual work environment. The Virtual Teams Tool will teach you how to create more effective virtual teams by building trust, establishing relationships, overcoming cultural miscommunication and more.

Relocation and Repatriation Scheduling Wizards

Customized, interactive checklists containing hundreds of relocation activities. The Scheduling Wizards keep track of all the tasks expatriate families need to complete, the estimated time each will take, and sends email reminders when activities should begin.


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