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Negotiation in Brazil, Japan and the US

The chart above was used at an INSEAD conference on international management to demonstrate the different ways US Americans, Brazilians and Japanese would negotiate by counting the incidence of various verbal and non-verbal actions. It is surprising to see how the subjects observed from the US and Japan are much closer to each other than they are to the Brazilians in terms of behavior.

We can see how the idea of personal space is very different in Brazil because of their inclination to physically touch their colleagues during the negotiating process, while silence was employed on a frequent basis by the Japanese and not at all by the Brazilians. Interruption, rather, resembles a sign of great interest and enthusiasm for the Brazilians, while silence has a similar affect within the Japanese context.

Can you add to this chart with your own experience? What have you found unique about these three cultures during the negotiation process?